Vinyl Record Shows Boston MA Show on Sunday, April 28, 2019

Each vendor has boxes and boxes on the table and some even under the table.

Spend the time to look thru the boxes and ask the vendor if they have specific bands or artists you are looking for.

New & Used from $1 so be ready to shop for an hour or two with up to 50 tables in TWO BALLROOMS.

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What dealers will be there?

A list is posted soon Dealers are booked for April 28th show from all over the Northeast.

Parking? Yes, it's FREE on site.

ATM? Yes, one in the lobby.

Credit Card use? Some vendors accept CC, so please ask or look for signage.

Will 45s will available as well as LPs? Yes, you will find 45s, LPs, box sets, imports, 12" Singles, rare pressings, picture discs, cds and dvds.

Can I trade in records for others? You can bring in records to trade with dealers at the show. Each dealer may or may not be interested in doing trades, so just ask.

Will dealers wholesale lots? Just ask as you walk around the ballroom if the dealer has a box lot or will do bulk pricing.

Tickets? Admission at the door. $4 during normal show hours and $10 for early bird hour. Attendees can start lining up in lobby area starting at 9am for standard admission from 10am-4pm

What types of music will be available? All styles will be on site from blues, country, hip-hop, folk, jazz, metal, punk, rock, etc.

Can I set up and sell at this show? Dealer space can be reserved in advance please see Dealer Info Page

I'm looking for just a few records. Do you know if any one will have Randoms 7" Green Vinyl ABCD or other limited edition 7"? We do not have a list of each vendors inventory. Good chance with each table packed with records you may find that and other limited editions.

I've been to shows in the past and had to go back and forth to my car with LPs. Is it OK to re-enter show? Yes, when you enter show you will be hand stamped or wrist banded for the day to enter as many times you need to.

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If it snows will show go on? Yes, show will take place rain, sun, snow, clouds or mix.

SHOW REPEAT on Sunday, June 23, 2019